casale san nicola
Il Casale San Nicola è lieto di aprire il suo prezioso portale, accogliere e coccolare, nella sua corte bianca del calcare di Puglia, i suoi gentili Ospiti.
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Casale San Nicola… esclusive wedding place!

In the past it was a gathering place, for protection and work.
Today Casale San Nicola is the synthesis of the typical southern hospitality, local cuisine and countryside colors.
Look around ... there is stone, olive trees and tradition, with the right pinch of style and news.

The Sala Arco

Party Gazebo

The Court

St. Nicholas Curch

The Gardens


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della nostra struttura.

Our staff will be pleased to present you personalized proposals and solutions for your event.
Perfect harmony of flavors and colors … courtesy, service and culinary arts combined with elegant and prestigious environments make Casale San Nicola one of the most renowned facilities in Puglia.


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Weddings Puglia: get married amongst the smells typical of the Mediterranean gardens, absorbed in the charm of an ancient story rich of hospitality tipical Puglia's identity.